Liara T’soni vs. Miranda Lawson

A Comparison of Two Love Interests and 
Who I Chose At The End Of Mass Effect 3

If I hadn’t mentioned this before, I played Mass Effect 2 before the first game since I just got the second game as a random gift. Chronologically, Liara was Shepard’s first love but in actuality Miranda was. However, for everyone’s sake I’ll just start off with Liara.

I originally intended Derek Shepard to romance Ashley, but I was quickly turned off by xenophobic tendencies and her cheesy love for poetry.  Consequently, I went for Liara instead because she was the only other love interest available plus I’m not cheating on Miranda since this was all in the past. All I really wanted to do anyway was to get the paramour achievement and see the romance scene, but I never expected that I’d actually grow to care for Dr. T’soni’s character. It was those small moments that reeled me in, just like the time when Liara couldn’t tell Shepard was joking about being dissected in a lab and the brief banter between squad mates that exposed Liara’s innocence. The confrontation scene with Liara and Ashley was hilarious. It was funny to see how Liara made it awkward for Ashley by naively insinuating that Ashley was jealous. I brought Liara with me on Noveria so that she would have the opportunity to confront her mother Matriach Benezia. Witnessing Liara’s final moments with her mother made me realize how much I was attached to her character. I felt like Derek had to be there as her protector.

The scene before Ilos marked how much Liara changed Derek’s personality. All he wanted to do was hook up with an Asari during the first part of the game, but now he’s grown to care for the young Asari and he even hesitated when Liara was leaning on to the topic of sex. During this part of the game, I was telling myself “I’m screwed, I thought no other character would top Miranda” and that just signifies how great Liara’s character is. From then on, I knew it was love for both Liara T’soni and Derek Shepard.

At the time of Shepard’s “death” and the events between Mass Effect 1 and 2, Liara teamed up with Shepard’s future love interest Miranda Lawson. We see them working together as one force to retrieve Shepard’s body back. However unlike Liara’s personal motives, Miranda was more concerned of Shepard as an asset for Cerberus. We can’t really blame Miranda since she did not get the chance to know Shepard yet since he’s “dead” as of the moment. Even if Miranda was not driven by love to restore Shepard back to life, her efforts are as commendable as Liara’s.

Liara’s love for Shepard as a friend and lover  is evidently seen during Mass Effect: Redemption as she battles through waves of enemies just to gain a bit of hope that she might see her beloved again. In the end, she gives Shepard’s body to Cerberus even if she knew they were a sketchy organization. At that point, anything was worth seeing Shepard alive again.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 2, Shepard awakens to see Miranda Lawson by his side. They initially start their relationship with a fair amount of distrust since they were both strangers from one another. However, as time passed Derek and Miranda were able to work together as they set aside their differences.

On a side note, I originally played Lair of the Shadow Broker after the Suicide Mission but I decided to do it as soon as I was able to go to Illium during my canon import run for various purposes. So, Shepard and Miranda’s relationship still remains professional as he embarks on chasing the Shadow Broker with Liara.

There were a lot of tense moments around Liara and Shepard, especially when Derek tackled Vasir out of the window and Liara just ran past by him. Eventually, Shepard called her on this and we see how much grief Liara went through for two years mourning his death. At the same time, Derek was getting curious about who Feron is and why he’s so important to Liara. By the end of the LotSB, Shepard took all the paragon interrupts to comfort Liara and kissed her after the fight with the Shadow Broker. However, Shepard chose to take it slow and just start over with Liara but not in a way where he completely closes the door on future possibilities.

As for Miranda and Shepard, I completed Miranda’s loyalty mission first out of the rest of the squadmates but only pursued her after the Reaper IFF mission. With Liara, Shepard was drawn in by the innocence of the young Asari. What drew Shepard in towards initiating a relationship with Miranda was…

Okay, I’m just kidding. I guess Shepard enjoyed the challenge of breaking Miranda out of her cold and professional shell. It was particularly enjoyable to watch Shepard and Miranda playfully banter which eventually led to Derek kissing her. We also get to see her softer side, when she talks about her sister and when she asks Shepard to promise that he won’t die. I was even surprised when she brought up love during one conversation. What’s funny was when Shepard said “Who said anything about love? I just wanted to get you into bed,” I actually thought I made the wrong dialogue choice and panicked that the game wouldn’t autosave. Luckily for me, Miranda was receptive to Shepard’s sense of humor. Also, some people find Miranda’s engine room scene very tasteless but I think it’s the most exotic romance scene in the game aside from Jack’s. That definitely adds the spice to any relationship. Well I guess after everything that’s happened with Shepard, it was nice to fall in love all over again with someone new.

However, it’s hard for Shepard to deny that he still has lingering feelings for Liara. Aside from that, there’s guilt within Shepard knowing Liara did everything she could to find his body. How about Miranda though? did she not give Shepard  his life back and knowingly risked her life by quitting Cerberus? Now that the Reapers are approaching, would Derek choose to reignite a former flame or continue to fuel the fire he has now?

So, now we reach the final chapter of our beloved trilogy. The galaxy is at the brink of destruction and this may be our character’s last moments alive. During this time, Shepard must ultimately decide who he wants to be by his side as the galaxy crumbles around him at the behest of the Reapers. Since Shepard ended his relationship with Liara, I expected that the game would just simply have Liara act like we were just friends since the first Mass Effect. However, I was surprised to find out that the relationship is still acknowledged even if Shepard chose to stay friends during LotSB. Shepard was actually very sweet and caring towards Liara during the first encounter on Mars. Well, it’s hard not to! Since she’s acting all “sweet” towards Shepard even if he let her down previously. These are just one of the moments when I realize how much Liara loves Shepard. When Shepard usually ends a relationship with a character, they’d simply go back to being professional or friendly. On the other hand, Liara would still act as if she still has lingering feelings but cautious enough not to act on it.

After boarding the Normandy for the first time, Shepard talked to Liara and I was surprised (yes, I get surprised easily) that she decided to bring up their relationship so early. My first reaction was: “Damn, this girl really cares and she does not give up! She must really love Shepard.” So there it was, an hour or less in the game and Shepard needed to make one of the most important decisions of his life. This was a really hard decision and I think I had to open Origin in-game just to talk to my friend about what I should do. Then an answer dawned on me, Shepard will always love Liara and throughout the game Shepard makes sure that she never doubts that. However I realized that while Shepard loves Liara, it was mostly guilt that was pushing him to reignite a relationship. Guilt for pursuing a relationship with Miranda when Liara did everything she could to recover his body. Giving Liara a relationship felt more like just compensation for her love and effort more than an act driven by passion. Shepard could never do that, it would only be unfair for both of them.

So after all these reflections, Shepard chose Miranda because it all goes back to this.

I’m sorry, you guys know I just had to do that. Okay foolishness aside, I came to a conclusion when I was thinking of reasons why Shepard should continue a relationship with either women. Liara evoked love but still more of guilt while thinking of Miranda only brought the memories of their playful banter, accomplishing missions side by side, and of course the engine room scene. The guilt to reciprocate all her efforts never occurred to Shepard because he was driven to reunite with Miranda by pure passion and love for her. Shepard had to let go of his “first love,” not without struggle of course (I’ll explain later on). With that resolved, Shepard was eager to finally see Miranda and reaffirm their relationship.

I was kind of upset with Shepard and Miranda’s mini meet-ups in the Citadel, especially with the fade to black love scene. Well, I guess Miranda had her fifteen minutes of fame with the engine room so I can forgive this oversight. Besides, I was still overjoyed and giddy to see Miranda despite these flaws with her story line. During the interim of these meet-ups, I was not so surprised this time when Liara gave Shepard a gift in his private cabin. Oh yes, she never gives up! No wonder the Asari people are great lovers. It was as if Shepard was still being given an nth chance to reconsider his decision. With all these encounters with Liara, it was hard not to say “Liara, will you please let Shepard move on in peace?” but okay I get it, first love syndrome. Anyway, Shepard warned Miranda about Kai-Leng and gave her resources because he wants her to be safe. I must admit that I was nervous doing the Sanctuary mission, hoping that I did everything right to ensure Miranda survived. Luckily, she did and I was satisfied with the sweet moment Shepard and Miranda shared before the mission ended.

During the mission on Earth, I was hoping that Shepard would reunite with all his squad members for the final battle (with Marauder Shields LMAO). However, he only gets to talk to them over holographic communications. Shepard speaks to Miranda for the very last time time and I cherished every moment of it. I loved how Shepard reassures her that this isn’t goodbye and that he promises to find her. For, Derek that was a promise that he had to keep no matter what. When it was time to bid farewell to Liara, I did not expect her goodbye to be so sweet and again she gives Shepard a massive feeling of love and guilt. Still, They both meant a lot to Shepard and these farewells were one of the most bittersweet moments in the game. I could truly say that Shepard had loved them both.

When Shepard was presented with the last decision by the Catalyst, he originally chose the synthesis ending because he believed that it was the best choice for everyone and nobody had to die but him. I remembered pausing before Shepard continued to walk towards the beam. I started crying because I could just picture Shepard telling himself over and over again, “I’m so sorry, Miranda… I can’t keep my promise to you this time.” So Shepard jumps into the beam and he thinks of Liara which is weird but okay, he loved her anyway. It’s sad to see Shepard and Miranda apart during the very end. However, I’m comforted in the fact that she’s not marooned in some planet like Liara. I did do another playthrough, where I chose destroy in response to being so distraught from the last ending. I guess Shepard was more of a renegade here, choosing to uphold his promise to Miranda above all else. Also in light of recent events and with this “Indoctrination Theory,” I’m not sure if I’m sticking to synthesis or destroy as my canon ending but that’s another story to tell.

Thank you for reading and taking the time to take part in the journey of three of my favorite characters. Rest assured, Commander Shepard, Liara and Miranda will never be forgotten.

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23 thoughts on “Liara T’soni vs. Miranda Lawson

  1. I am so sorry for you guys who had to choose between Liara and other LI :D. I never even considered other LI after meeting Liara in ME 1, that’s how much I love her.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I also played ME2 first because I have a PS3. Then I played ME3 and just recently ME1 on PC. So Miranda was also my first love interest and Liara was nothing more than a blue space babe that my Shepard happen to know from the first game. With the genesis comic I picked Ashley as LI to spice things up in ME3 for Shep and Miranda (though my mind was already set to choose Miri). I had played ME2 3 times as a paragon engineer Miranda loyalist, so for my fourth playthrough I decided to do a renegade infiltrator Shep, again Miranda as LI but this time I made Liara the backgroung love story (i got curious, and since this was a renegade Shep alien sex didn’t bother me too much this time around. Though that didn’t meant I wasn’t going to chose Miri again.) OH BOY!!!! Did I was surprised. Not only did I became more interested in Liara’s character but I also discovered her softer side (In my other playthroughs I didn’t bother with the paragon interrupts as I didn’t care at all) The more I talk to Liara in the dlc the harder it was becoming for me to want to end the relationship. All the way through the Shadow Broker base I was struggling with mix feelings and then the final kiss scene show up. I was sold. I have to admit that you were right, in that playthrough I did picked Liara out of guilt for all the things she went through. But in my next playthroughs I research a bit more about Liara, watched her scenes from ME1 in Youtube and ultimately played ME1 in my PC to better understand her character and her relationship with Shepard. My results: Once you go blue, nothing else will do! I completely fall in love with her character and her development through the serie. From cute naive scientist to badass shadow broker. Liara story arc have a strong connection to Shepard but what really help me choose her as a LI was the moment I considered Liara a true friend (and the closest for that matter) just like Garrus and Tali. (I’m of the idea that your soulmate is also your best friend) I stop seeing her as a LI and started thinking of her as my friend, sidekick, confident who I happen to love; something that I didn’t feel with Miranda. Don’t get me wrong Miranda was also a great love story and she is really awesome.(Guilty of being a Chuck fan) But to be honest I started playing this game very close minded with little knowledge of the universe and Miranda felt like a safe bet ( I liked her even before talking to her). The other options Tali and Jack were interesting and was tempted to follow their LI arc but Miranda always ended up having a stronger connection to my Shep. Until Liara came into the picture and made me doubt myself. Never before had a fictional character made me feel so much in so little time. Not even Miranda made me feel as agitated as Liara did and I loved every second of that. As you might have notice (if you are still reading) is that I started mass effect as a xenophobic prick, that’s why I rejected Liara so much at the beginning (Even Tali receive some indifference from my part but at least a had a whole game to lighten up…) By the time I romanced Liara I was much more accepting of the ME Universe but the prothean expert managed to change my mind completely and become my favorite character (And yes playing as a loyal Liaramancer totally paid off in ME3) I have tried to spice thing up in ME3 with a ME2 LI but for some reason I cant cheat on Liara even knowing that I’ll pick her in ME3. Call it guilt, I call it pure love. I love Liara with all her virtues and interestingly ALL HER FLAWS!!!!

    1. Wow, thanks for reading my post! I appreciate your thoughtful reply :)

      Well, I must admit that after playing ME3 several times… I still get tempted to pick her especially with that scene where she holds Shepard’s hand and looks at the stars.

      I actually have two “canon” PTs. One with Liara and another with Miranda because in the end it is so hard to choose.

      1. I also have a playthrough where I chose Miranda. Is one of my early ones but I haven’t erase it (after all… just because I’m a Liaramancer now doesn’t mean I stop loving Miranda ;)) And thank YOU for writing this very interesting blogs. I also read the one where you talk about the implications of Liara being the canon love interest and I couldn’t agree more. This really bother me at first… specially when I installed the genesis comic… (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about) But now…. that has worked on my favor and the rest of Liara fans. Anyway, keep writing… so far I’ve liked the topics and what you have to say about them. Also… I don’t if you’ve read the Marauder Shields comic in deviantart.com but if you haven’t you should… it makes some justice to Miranda’s character. Very cool…

  3. I appreciate it Lorenzo! Yes, I’ve seen both Genesis and the Marauder Shields comic. Yeah, Miranda definitely deserved more content than what she was given.

    Oh and if you have any topic suggestions! I’d gladly welcome it for future posts ;)

  4. “Liara’s love for Shepard as a friend and lover is evidently seen during Mass Effect: Redemption as she battles through waves of enemies just to gain a bit of hope that she might see her beloved again. In the end, she gives Shepard’s body to Cerberus even if she knew they were a sketchy organization. At that point, anything was worth seeing Shepard alive again.”

    ^BULLSHIT! If She was really doing it for Shepard – she should’ve given them a proper funeral. You people are blind on how you can accept Liara for what she’s done “for you”. How many of Shepard’s friends in the Alliance has she hurt?!

    I’ll have you all know – Liara wasn’t loyal to anyone but getting f@#$ed by Shepard. THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERED TO HER.

    The only reason she misses about Shepard is sucking the Commander’s dick/pussy.

    Out of ALL the squadmates in the three games – the only one you guys respect is the backstabbing blueberry cunt you call a friend/lover. ALWAYS LOYAL TO THE BLUEBERRY – NOT TO ANYONE ELSE!

    She made you TIM’s bitch. She’s also the reason Kaidan/Ashley are distrustful towards you. But you guys are “too in love with the blueberry” to see it.

    P.S. I got a long list of squadmates i like. And as far as i’m concern Liara is NOT one of them.

      1. Liara was selfish in that comic. IDK how you and everybody can stand looking at yourselves in the mirror and say:

        “You did the right thing Liara. By handing me over to Cerberus. I’ll never forget it Liara. Thank You.”

        I’ll have you know – everybody who loves this b@#$% – you are ALWAYS LOYAL TO HER. Never to anyone else.

  5. As another blogger pointed out, Liara is the closest thing to a canon love interest. She comes on very hard in ME1.

    The Bioware writers, obviously, arent perfect. IMO, Miranda is the best love interest yet is one of the most underwritten, as she was designated as a “ME2 squadmate” and in one of the stupidest moves I’ve seen by Bioware, got shafted in the 3rd installment.

    Why is Miranda the best LI?

    Miranda has the best connection with Shepard. Unlike other characters, such like Liara that states “Oh Shepard, I’m fascinated by you for no real reason!” Miranda’s relationship with Shepard is deeper. In the beginning of ME2, there is a distrust between Shepard and Miranda and a cold barrier between them. As the game progresses, they grow closer and closer and eventually learn to trust each other and respect one other. Shepard helps Miranda realize she is more than just genetics, and this is a major development. Miranda becomes Shepard’s 2nd in command, and you sort of confide with one another throughout the game.

    This forms an extremely strong connection between them and great chemistry. Many times I’ve read that players stayed faithful to Miranda even if she was underwritten in ME3. Why? Because a strong bond was formed in ME2 that surpasses any of the superficial nonsense of Liara, or the distrust between Ashley and Shepard. I mean, Ashley is just a bitch. I never liked her. Tali? Tali grows throughout the story but I never saw anything that was beyond platonic. With Miranda, both characters move through their differences to mutual admiration.

    Unfortunately the writers chose to sideline Miranda with everyone else from ME2. Miranda had huge potential to be a major character in ME3 because half your time in ME3 was spent battling Cerberus. Being an ex Cerb officer, Miranda could have played a major role.

    A shame, really.

    1. I absolutely agree on your points about why Miranda stands out. Heck, I chose her in the end! Anyway I’ve done my share of making campaigns for more Miranda content because I truly believed she deserved more but what can we do.

  6. the way Liara grows in Mass Effect is so impressive. She is just a kid studing protheans, and so inocent.

    Yet she kills her mother in the first, then she loses you in the second, then she finds the prothean that basically tells her that all her (life’s) work was for nothing…then she finds out that the only reason Asari are the most advanced race is beacause they had prothean knowledge all along…that her mother knew about but didn’t share with her…though she knew Liara was wasting her life on studies that were pretty much pontless…And if you choose the 4th ending, the one in witch you say “fuck you” to the kid…Liara is the one that saves the univers from the Reppers…

    that being said. God Miranda’s cool…i didn’t romance anyone in the first, didn’t know i could take things so far with Liara, Miranda was my pick for the second, and in the end…i wanted to stay faithfull to Miranda, being very proud of the Notorius Information Broker/Asari Scientist that Liara was…But i couldn’t. And i ended up wtih Liara.

    Ow. Tali’zorah grows a bit to in this game, and seing her drunk after Miranda kills her dad is so funny.

  7. This really is one of the more interesting articles I’ve ever read on the internet. So kudos to that. I really liked how you basically laid out your Shepard’s journey chronologically and laid out the subtext that we’re invited to create.

    I love Miranda. Liara is great and is the canon romance for my FemShep for a lot of the reasons you describe above. In fact, Liara is my second favorite love story in the trilogy. But there is just something about the interactions between Shepard and Miranda which piqued my interests. In the way I played Warren (I went back right before 3 came out and created a whole new Shepard with no ME1 romance because neither Ashley nor Liara captured his attention), Miranda was the perfect compliment to him: strong, independent and fierce. What I loved most about that love story was how each challenged the other and how we see the influence Shepard has on Miranda and vice versa (at least in mine. I have my Shepard become a little more Renegade over the course of 2 and 3, a by-product of Miranda’s ruthlessness).

    What is so fascinating about the Miranda/Shepard romance in 3, at least for me, is the emptiness I as Shepard felt while playing THE ENTIRE GAME. It just felt wrong for Warren to be off fighting the Reapers without Miranda at his side, who was on literally every mission in ME2. That emptiness and wrongness of Liara “invading” Miranda’s space was so interesting I ran with it and only entered Liara’s cabin when necessary (i.e. had found several power ups and after Thessia).

    As far as the ending, which we’ve briefly touched on and you expanded on more in your “Four Unpopular Decisions” article (great one, btw. It’s what lead me here), I’ve never had to stop an think so much before deciding between Synthesis and Destroy. Ultimately, it came down to the realization, for me, that the crux of Shepard’s life for the past 3-4 years had been to destroy the Reapers. Warren hated the Reapers and wanted them gone, though I did feel bad about killing EDI and the Geth. But it was war and sacrifices had to be made.

    Side note on that, I had no idea that the Destroy ending was the only way to get Shepard to survive with a high enough EMS, I envisioned your whole “I’m sorry” thing as well!

    Okay, I’ve written too much. Sorry. Great blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  8. Thanks Cristian! Yeah, Liara is definitely a great character… It was really a challenge to choose between the two. Heck, I even wrote this article because of it!


    Thank you Logan, I appreciate it :) Derek actually grew to being more renegade because of Miranda just like you too!

    I felt that too about Destroy, but I felt that the Geth and EDI have evolved so much… I wanted both organics and synthetics to evolve so I went with Synthesis. For me, I felt that Miranda and Derek were the type who wouldn’t let their love blind them from objectivity. Since Miranda was the only reason I chose Destroy, I knew it wasn’t right for me. Anyway, that’s how I see it. I feel that you can’t really say what’s wrong or right… the universe and characters are for the player to shape on their own.

    Yes, who wouldn’t envision saying “I’m sorry” to Miranda? haha

    Lastly, feel free to pour your thoughts! I appreciate it so much.

  9. I just read PART of this article. I had to stop myself because I have yet to play ME3 so i didnt want any spoilers. I have played the first two countless times. I have playthroughs saved for Miranda, Liara, Jack, Ashley, and Tali as LIs. I have narrowed it down to Miranda or Liara for my canon shep. It was between Miranda and Jack at first but i ended up choosing Miranda because I personally related a lot more to her than Jack. Liara, on the other hand, won me over (for the second time) when i played ME1 and ME2 with her as my LI. As u said in another article, BW really nudges u in Liara’s direction. She gets more on-screen time and more writing. Now that the citadel dlc has come out, i feel like LIs other than Liara would seem more worth while. At the moment, i feel like liara’s relationship will end up being portayed more powerful than the others. So what im asking is, “Does the citadel dlc really help to empower the relationship with the other LIs in ME3 (make them seem more meaningful) or do they still pale in comparison to the way BW portays Liara’s relationship?”

    No ME3 spoilers please. I need help deciding between Liara and MIranda. Liara is sweet of course and she has a lot of touching seens, but my connection with MIranda is harder to describe yet very powerful even though she does not have the sceen time. I feel like if i pursue Miranda in ME3, I will feel gipped out. Will I feel gipped out? Or wiil the citadel dlc help alleviate that fear?

    I hope that Commander Bedlam responds because I love your articles, and I feel like your opinion would be extremely valuable. Any other help would be greatly appreciated as well :)
    May this old thread breathe life!

    1. To be honest, you will feel left out if you romanced any character from ME2.Liara in particular shines in the third game. However, it really depends on who you’re really connected to regardless of the screen time. I’ve played role-playing games wherein I had a love interest who was considered a minor character. Yes, I often wished that they had a bigger role but at the end of the day… quality trumps over quality.

      I personally enjoyed Miranda and the other LI’s content for Citadel DLC more than Liara. However, I will say that BioWare really gave all their past characters justice in the DLC. I think it’s really cool that you haven’t played ME3, because if you play it with Citadel DLC and Extended Cut all in one run as opposed to playing the game without it… it makes a huge difference. So, yes you’ll be disappointed that the ME2 LIs like Miranda didn’t get much screen time in ME3 but with the DLCs you won’t feel gipped out.

      Hope I helped!

      1. It’s interesting you mentioned the Citadel DLC. Miranda actually had the most new screen time of any character. I read an article about it (unfortunately I’ve misplaced the link) where a anonymous Bioware writer admitted the designers completely underestimated Miranda’s appeal to their audience and had they known her popularity they would have put her on the Normandy.

        Personally, I had no problem with how limited Ashley, Kaiden, and Liara were in Citadel. Those three had plenty of screen time in the actual game. To me, Citadel was part love-letter to the fans and part apology for how badly they botched handling the ME2 characters. How else can you explain the epicness that are Miranda’s, Grunt’s and Zaeed’s Citadel scenes?

  10. Excellent. I am definitely glad i have not played ME3 yet. I still have playthroughs from 2007 that I have nurtured while waiting to play ME3. I am glad the DLCs will not make me feel gipped out. Now i just need to decide. Do u get the feeling that u like liara because BW is practically telling u to like her by way of exposure? Sometimes i feel my affection for Miranda is more genuine while my affection for Liara seems like it was designed by the writers (lol call me crazy.) I dunno, once i feel like i have decided on MIranada, Liara’s quikiness gets me again. Then again, i am more of a fan of Liara from ME1 than the ME2 version. I liked her more when she was innocent. In ME2 she seems colder and not as caring. Does Liara continue to be like this or does she revert back to her good old self from ME1. I hope u can help shed some light on my dilemma so i can finally get my first me3 playthrough on the way. For all i know, I might change my mind again during my multiple, future ME3 playthroughs but i am fairly confident its down to those two…(unless Jack lures me again and she is less abrasive in ME3.) Thanks for the last response Bedlam! I hope u can help me again :)

    1. From my point of view, Liara is certainly less abrasive in 2 than she was in 3. However, she in no way resembles the innocence she displayed in 1.

      Jack is much more appealing in 3 than in 2. Unfortunately, Jack was one of the most poorly handled characters in 3. The Citadel DLC helps, but Jack fans really got shafted by the writers.

    2. Hmm I did write a piece in this site about how BioWare subtly influences players to choose Liara so the answer to your first question is yes.

      Well, I don’t think Liara returns to her innocent self since she encounters so much stuff that would harden her. She’s sort of in the middle ground. Logan is right on that one.

      Jack is less abrasive and her scenes in Citadel are very bad ass and heartwarming at the same time! Loved her scenes.

      Also Logan, it would be so cool if you found that article… a Miranda fan such as myself will be so happy.

  11. Sweet. Thank you Logan and Cdr Bedlam for your help. I am about to finish my last playthrough on ME2 while romancing Liara. I just finished the LotSB and I have finally made my decision. Liara is super sweet but I am going with my miranda playthrough when i start ME3. I am doing it for a couple of reasons. First off, its my oldest playthrough (not counting the one where i messed up and romanced liara instead of ashely.) In this playthrough, Ashley was my first choice. I didnt prefer liara over her until way later. This led me to believe my affection for liara is less genuine due to BW pushing me towards her. When i picked ashely over liara in my oldest playthrough, I blatantly picked miranda over ashely later in ME2. My feelings for miranda r more genuine than they were for liara. I fell for Miranda right out of the gate while liara took more time to like. Finally, my dialogues with Miranda were more touching and revealing to me. I also felt like I have a lot more in common with her.

    In the end, my relationship with miranda is more real, and I would choose her over liara if confronted with such a choice in the ME3 (like i was between ashely and liara in ME1.) Also, my oldest playthrough just feels right since it was my canon from ME1 and i used it when i first played ME2 (so i might as well use it when i first play ME3.)

    Nathan Shepard, Infiltrator (on both ME1 and ME2…i might switch but thats a whole other matter lol.)

    Thanks again!!

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